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Redu Shaper is a shirt specially created to help you lose weight through sweating. It gives you an opportunity to sweat away the pounds! The garment works due to the insulated and compact inside it creates. Because of the heat this naturally makes you sweat. However, the manufacturer promises that you won't see traces of sweat because the outside material can absorb it well. The materials also keep the heat inside. Redu Shaper can be worn unnoticeably under the clothes! It also promises to correct your posture due to the tightening effect on your midsection and support for your lower back. This shirt can be worn to the gym, when you are working around the house or when you are going out! The manufacturer claims that this garment will provide you with a firmer posture and better abs. There are models for both men and women. However, the official website is badly made. It does not contain the most important information like the materials from which the product is made, possible allergic reactions, etc. You can contact the company by mail: Smart Products Corp.; 3321 NW 82 AVE Doral, FL 33122.

Before and After Photos of Redu Shaper - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The tank has several advantages over belts due to the fact that the thermal effect is created not only in the waist area but also on the back. Belts often form new folds on the back which is makes it difficult to exercise and move. This shirt has a deep cut on the chest area, which means that your breast will not be unpleasantly pressed. No representative of the beautiful half of humanity will agree to lose weight in the breast area. The manufacturer recommends to replace the sport and diet with their product which makes me laugh because no garment can give the same effects as offered by exercise and diet. Nothing will make you get rid of the extra kilos (except for liposuction, perhaps). Still you will have to observe the holy rule "to spend more calories than you eat."

Redu Shaper

Reda shaper consists of two layers. The first one is adjacent to the body. It creates the sauna effect. While the second layer absorbs fluid that should be allocated through the first layer. It seems to be true - you will lose weight, because you will lose the fluid but losing water from your body is not always good. As soon as you drink the fluid will fill your tissues again. However, the manufacturer insists that it is not only the liquid that leaves the body but it also burns fat. The fat just vanishes while you are reading a book. In any case, this fact is difficult to believe. The only way to check it is to measure the percentage of fat tissue before and after wearing.

Redu Shaper T-shirt promises to visually remove fat wrinkles on the abdomen and sides. It can be worn under clothing and make you visually slimmer. It seems like truth because the material of the tank has a very dense yet thin structure. But I can hardly believe that this garment will make you lose weight. Why don't you lose weight on your legs when you are wearing tight jeans, for example? Redu Shaper has the same mechanism of work. As the fabric is made of smooth black exterior and caustic light green-yellow inside, you can use it as a vest to wear under a jacket or dress. This tank helps to keep the back in the proper position due to the special texture of the fabric. This will help you to avoid the cause of the unpleasant folds on the belly and back.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer keeps silent when it comes to possible side effects and adverse reactions associated with the usage of Redu Shaper. However, it doesn't mean that they are absent. Many real users, especially women, report suffering from skin irritation.

The manufacturer recommends washing Redu Shaper after each use, that you will agree, is not very convenient, because every day will have to finish with the laundry. But it is a prerequisite, because the sweat will be delayed in the second layer of the material, and as it can be seen from the users' reviews, Redu Shaper often causes skin irritation and some itching in sensitive individuals. To avoid this, a T-shirt should be kept clean. Wash the item in warm water and mild detergent. Let us have a look at several customers' testimonials.

"I sweat really too abundantly when wearing the ReduShaper shirt. Maybe it was the reason why I lost a couple of kilograms, but it has been one and a half months. Besides, I was diligently engaged in fitness, so that I could not hope for the T-shirt only. If you really want to lose weight and fix the result, you should choose a complex approach."

"To my mind, the tank helps to lose weight too little and it is weak when used on its own. The effect is very slow and is not guaranteed. A low-calorie diet is the best and effective option for me. Redu Shaper is nothing more than just a garment."

"My figure after giving birth to my baby leaves much to be desired. I have not lost a single pound after regular wearing Redu shaper for almost a month. It doesn't hold my back well, so that I suffer from constant backache because I have to breast-feed my child in the sitting position."

Where To Buy Redu Shaper?

Redu Shaper can be ordered and bought from the official website. One item costs $90 + free shipping at present. It can also be purchased in a number of retail stores - Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I am not sure that Redu Shaper will help you lose weight because it simply does not have power. This shirt can slightly tone your shape without any weight loss effect. The negative factor of wearing this garment is that it may cause allergic reactions and that it need daily washing. I think there are more effective ways of losing weight on the market, including workout programs, diets, dietary supplements, etc. Just start searching and you will certainly find the most suitable option for you.

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