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According to the official website, Prunelax is a natural laxative designed for relieving occasional constipation. It is also said to maintain bowel regularity. The main components in the product are dried plum and senna. The product takes effect within 8-12 hours. Prunelax is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease. It is meant for adults and children above 15 years of age.

It's recommended to take two to three tablets before bedtime with a glass of liquid. Do not exceed this dosage. The drug is claimed to be safe from the second trimester of pregnancy, however, it is advised to consult your healthcare professional. The official website of the company offers different alternatives of laxatives including Regular (overnight relief), Maximum relief (double strength laxative), Natural (with flax seeds), Liquid Kids (alcohol-free and easy to dose), and Tea.

Ingredients of Prunelax - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer of Prunelax mentions that the main ingredients in the product are senna and prune extract. However, there is no information about the dosage of these components as well as other additional inactive ingredients. They may be allergic, unnatural and harmful. Ho research has been conducted on the ingredients in the product. The initial form of Prunelax was jam made of prunes, ground senna leaves and fruits. Over the years, more practical options appeared in the form of tablets, liquid and tea. Prunelax can be found all over the world including Australia. The latest product introduced by the company was Prunelax Extra Strength, the natural laxative which contains senna extract plum extract as active ingredients.


To be more exact, each tablet of Prunelax contains 15mg of Sennosides B (from Senna alexandrina seed extract powder 75mg). You can also find the following ingredients in the product: Plum extract powder, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, sodium lauryl sulphate, microcrystalline cellulose pH 200 and sodium croscarmellose. It is highly recommended to read the label carefully. Use Prunelax only as directed. If the symptoms of constipation worsen, it is better to stop using the drug and visit a doctor.

The main ingredient of the product, Sennosides, is used for the treatment of constipation. Generally speaking, it is a stimulant laxative that works by improving bowel movements through the irritation of bowel tissues. Avoid using sennosides if you have recently had abdominal surgery or if you are going to have an abdominal surgery in the next two weeks. Do not use this compound if you are allergic to it or any other medications. Sennosides is prohibited to usage by people who have appendicitis; intestine bleeding, bleeding of the stomach or rectum; or an obstruction in intestines.

Before using Prunelax inform your doctor if you are taking any other drug on a regular basis. Some drugs may interact with sennosides. So, you may need to stop using any of the medicines or change the dose of any of them. A number of medical conditions may interact with Prunelax too. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, or plan to become pregnant in the close future, or if you are breast-feeding. Beware of the product if you have congestive heart failure, suffer from frequent stomach pain or if you are experiencing nausea or vomiting.

It is recommended to use Prunelax at bedtime following exact dosing instructions. Drink a full glass of water and consume a lot of water throughout the day. You are expected to notice improved bowel movement usually within 6 to 12 hours after taking the drug. Do not use it for longer than one week. Prolonged usage of the product may result in loss of natural bowel function. Avoid additional stool softeners or laxatives while using Prunelax. If you experience a negative change in your bowel habits, stop using Prunelax and check with your healthcare provider.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Prunelax does not tell much about possible side effects of this laxative, however, they do exist in a big quantity. To tell you the truth, the drug is not as natural as it is claimed to be, as it contains a great number of artificial inactive ingredients. It means that it may carry potential dangers for the human health. Even the main component in Prunelax is not completely safe.

Sennosides will certainly discolor your urine pink to red, or even brown. It should be avoided by children under six years old. The safety of Prunelax has not been confirmed. The same concerns pregnant and breast-feeding women. You should discuss all the risks and benefits of using the product. My another concern about this laxative is that is can lead to a dependence, so that your bowel may refuse to function properly on its own without laxatives. In severe cases, the intestines and bowel some can be damaged by laxatives.

Most laxatives cause side effects. Possible side effects of Prunelax may include abdominal discomfort or cramping; nausea; diarrhea. You are recommended to ask for immediate medical help if you experience any of the severe side effects including hives; rash; itching; tightness in the chest; difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, mouth, and lips; poor bowel function; kidney inflammation; rectal bleeding. Let us have a look at some of the real users' reviews left online.

"I have constipated for eight days probably because I mostly ate Chinese food. I took tablets of Prunelax in the morning and I felt a bit moving next day. I took two more pills and plenty of tea yesterday. As a result, I suffered from the worst pain in the world. I went to the toilet successfully but I still have those pains."

"I took two pills of prunelax at 8pm yesterday. Nothing at all happened, I just have a few stomach grumbles. I am thinking about increasing the dosage today. This laxative does not seem to work for me yet. I probably have to take these pills every day on the regular basis."

"I took Prunelax for two days in combination with a lot of pure water but I was very disappointed with the result. It caused serious diarrhea. Now my tongue is covered with big raw red patches. I stopped taking the product and my tongue cleared again."

Where To Buy Prunelax?

You can shop for this product online on different retailers' websites including Rite Aid, Amazon, Walgreens, Walmart, drugstore, GNC, CVS. You can also visit retailers' shops such as Navarro, Publix, FoodLand, Fiesta and others. Prunelax Ciruelax Laxative costs $13 on Walgreens.

My Final Summary

I cannot support the opinion that Prunelax can effectively help you to treat constipation. People who used it claim that they suffered from unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea and stomach pain. Some users didn't find it effective at all. Even though the drug is not expensive, it cannot recommended to usage because the modern market offers a number of more effective and safer laxatives than Prunelax.

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