ProtiDiet Reviews - What Is It?

Susan Jackson

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ProtiDiet is a diet program specially created for people who want to lose weight in a natural way. It promises to provide its users with fast and long lasting benefits. It is said on the official website of the company to be scientifically measured. It is based on high protein content and offers its users a variety of healthy foods including porridges, soups, pancakes, cookies, creme desserts, nutritional bars, muffins barre's, and some meal replacements. These products contain less fats, carbohydrates, and sugars, bur have a high protein content. This helps the body to utilize these nutrients faster and more easily.

The ProtiDiet program also offers the service of a team of experts who can plan the diet for you, motivate you and give you general guidance. These experts can assess the state of your health and your readiness to exercise on a regular basis to meet your weight loss needs. The company behind this diet program is called Pro-Amino International, Inc. It started working in 1988, and sells its products in the United States of America and Europe. The longevity of the company deserves respect, but is ProtiDiet worth buying? Let's try to answer this question.

Ingredients of ProtiDiet - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

As it was already mentioned, ProtiDiet is a weight-loss program meant for both men and women. Its ingredients vary depending on the product you have chosen for consumption. Most of them include soy and whey protein as major components. Some of such products are more portable than others. You may need a big bag to them with you. Unlike other low-calorie diets, ProtiDiet is based on protein to reduce weight in such areas of human body as buttocks, waist, thigh and hips. There are areas prone to accumulation of fat and cellulite.


The main benefit offered by ProtiDiet is appetite suppression, which is possible due to the ketone bodies which enter your system with this diet and work within 24 to 72 hours. These substances are by-products of breaking down of fatty acids in the human body. The program promises fast noticeable results. You are expected to lose up to 4.5 kilos of weight in the first week. According to the manufacturer, most users lose up to 7-9 kilos of fat within the first month. This diet provides users with proteins for proper muscle density, however, the program depends does not affect the muscle content of the body.

Finally, the program claims to give you a natural sense of happiness and well-being. But can it really offer a visible reduction in weight and age? Can ProtiDiet detoxify your body through certain foods, increase your energy levels, moods and brighten your skin? Let us have a look at one of the products offered by the company to understand what benefits it can really provide.

We are going to discuss Protidiet Peanut Surprise High Protein Bar (9.9 oz, box of 7). It includes the following ingredients: Soy nuggets (tapioca starch, soy protein isolate, rice flour, salt, barley malt), maltitol syrup, peanut coating (palm kernel and palm oil, sugar, partially defatted peanut flour, reduced mineral whey protein, whey protein isolate, soy lecithin, natural flavor, salt), polydextrose, soy protein isolate, peanut butter natural, whey protein concentrate, dry roasted peanuts, glycerin, peanut flour, inulin (chicory artichoke), soy lecithin, high fructose corn syrup, peanut oil, salt, natural flavors, skim milk powder, fractionated palm kernel oil, water, sucralose, cream, peanut extract, butter salted, carrageenan, mixed tocopherols, monoglycerides, disodium phosphate, dextrose. The product contains soybeans, milk, peanuts. There is a caution that this product is made in a facility that deals with other nuts, wheat, egg, and seeds.

If you carefully study the ingredients of Surprise High Protein Bar, you'll see that there are some artificial components which can cause allergic reactions in some people and be harmful for their healh. Other ProtiDiet products include Proti Diet White Cheddar Protein Crisps, Proti Diet Chocolate Shake, Protein Bar - Banana Bread, Protidiet BBQ Protein Crisps, Maple-Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal Mix, ProtiDiet Protein Bar - Greek Yogurt Delight, Protidiet Creamy Chicken Soup Mix, etc.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

My first concern about Surprise High Protein Bar is that the official website does not provide full ingredient listings for some of its products. The name indicates that there is protein there, but it is unknown what else is in it. One of the common complaint of users is an odd odor of some products. If dieters really want to lose weight they need to eat ProtiDiet products regularly for a long period of time. How is it possible if their taste and flavor isn't great at all? People report the horrible chemical and artificial tastes shakes.

It is a well-known fact that protein is an important part of a balanced diet and it is vital for losing weight. But, there is nothing different about these products. Besides, there is no scientific proof of the safety and effectiveness of those foods. Let us have a look at some of the real users' reviews.

"I tried Proti Diet shakes but I am not satisfied with their tastes. They taste just awful and artificial. I don't recommend these products to anyone."

"Protidiet foods taste awful. Desserts and drinks are too sweet for me. I am diabetic and I am afraid of consuming too much sugar. I had to refuse from this kind of dieting."

"ProtiDiet did not help me to lose weight. I have stuck to it for a week and haven't seen any weight reduction. I don't think that these products are really low-calorie."

Where To Buy ProtiDiet?

ProtiDiet is available in the United States, Europe, and Canada. You can get free health evaluation online. The results will be emailed to you. You can find the nearest clinic through the online portal. You will need to complete all formalities which will be assessed by a team of professionals. The price of the program depends on your weight-loss goals and products you will be recommended to consume. For example, the price of ProtiDiet Peanut Surprise High Protein Bar 9.9 oz (Box of 7) is $12.00 ($1.21 / ounce). That's not cheap, I should confess.

My Final Summary

Is ProtiDiet worth trying? Well, I have doubts about saying that. The products' formulas may seem good for supplying your body with enough protein, but you never know what exactly is contained in the formulas. I am also concerned about the taste of foods and possible allergic reactions they may cause. I would recommend the dieters looking for better alternatives to the ProtiDiet plan. If you need to get rid of unnecessary weight, consider using a safe and effective supplement with clinically tested ingredients from a reputable manufacturer.

Affordable Alternative

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