Nauzene Reviews - What Is It?

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Nauzene is a new product used for relieving the symptoms of nausea and upset stomach. It is available in different forms including pills and chewable pills. You can choose the one which is more suitable for you. The official website of the manufacturer seems to be purely commercial, as it contains very brief information about each of the products without detailed description of its ingredients. The company behind the product is called ALVA-Amco Pharmacal Companies.

It is said on the official website that Nauzene Chewables are dissolving quickly and convenient to use. They have the flavor of wild cherry. Nauzene Kids is made to relieve nausea linked to upset tummies, "stomach flu", and "carsickness". This product is designed for ages 2+. Other products of the company include Acnevir for adult acne treatment, Arthriten (inflammatory pain formula, Backaid, Bumpklear (for bumpy, rough, dry skin), Digestamint (neutralizes objectionable odors in the intestines and improves gastrointestinal functioning) and some others.

Ingredients of Nauzene - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer of the product does not give the full ingredient list, but I managed to find out that the main component in Nauzene is dextrose/ fructose/ phosphoric acid solution. This substance is used for the treatment of vomiting and nausea. It is unknown exactly how this antiemetic combination works. However, website gives a lot of precautions on the use of this drug. It is not recommended to usage if the potential user is allergic to phosphoric acid solution or has hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI). Inform your doctor of the possibility to experience such a reaction. Other ingredients in Nauzene are not disclosed on the official website of the manufacturer. This makes me think that the medication may contain allergic or harmful components.


No not use Nauzene if you have any of the following medical conditions: diabetes, allergies to any substances, if you are pregnant or are going to conceive, if you are taking any drug or supplement. Certain medications may interact with Nauzene. Talk about the issue with your doctor who may advise you to stop using any of the drugs or to change the dose. Nauzene should be used as directed by your doctor. Read the drug's label attentively for dosing instructions.

Nauzene may be taken with or without food. The product does not require being mixed with any liquid before taking. It is not recommended to drink anything 15 minutes after taking a dose of the medication. Don't take more than 5 doses without consulting your healthcare provider. If you miss a dose of Nauzene, take it as your next dose. Avoid taking two doses at once. Consult your doctor if you have any questions about how to use Nauzene.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of Nauzene does not tell much about the possibility of suffering from adverse reactions associated with the use of this drug. It means that they don't really care about their potential clients. However, I decided to make my personal research of side effects of Nauzene and I found out that this drug may carry potential dangers for the human health and wellbeing.

Just have a look at phosphorated carbohydrate solution, the active ingredient in the drug. This substance may cause unwanted side effects. Some of them are mild while others may require medical help immediately. Stop taking the medication and ask for emergency help if you notice any signs of fructose intolerance (fainting; swelling of some parts of your body; unusual bleeding; vomiting; weight loss; and yellow eyes or skin).

Minor side effects of Nauzene may include diarrhea, abdominal pain and stomach pain. These side effects do not require medical aid but you are recommended to consult a healthcare professional. These side effects may disappear when your body gets used to Nauzene. You can prevent and decrease these side effects with the help of your doctor. If upset stomach continues for a few days, contact your doctor. People with diabetes should avoid using Nauzene.

Severe allergic reactions occur very seldom but still there is some chance. The signs of an allergic reaction may include rash; itching; hives; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, lips, face, or tongue. You are not protected from other side effects which are not mentioned in this review. In this case, you should contact your health care provider and inform him of your symptoms. Here are some of the users' reviews about the drug.

"I took Nauzene three times over the course of several months. Every time I used this drug I had very jumpy legs within twenty minutes after taking the drug. It helped to relieve my nausea but I don't think that I will ever take it again."

"I am a pregnant woman of 26 years old and bought nauzene to combat my morning sickness. After I took my first dose my body was covered with a rash within only two hours. This is the worst medication I have ever tried in my life. Beware of it."

"I heard of Nauzene a week ago and I decided to try it in order to relieve my headache and nausea. I am on the drug for headaches at present. But when I am nauseous I feel the unhappiest man on Earth. Unfortunately, Nauzene did not help me to fight this symptom. I will have to look for another option."

Where To Buy Nauzene?

Nauzene price may vary depending on where you are buying it. A supply of 118 milliliters costs around $8, depending on the pharmacy you attend. The product is quite available and affordable. You will find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

Nauzene will hardly take proper care of your health because it has a number of disadvantages. First of all, it doesn't prove to be as effective as claimed on its official website. There is high risk of experiencing side effects when taking this drug. It is not very expensive but it is not available on the most popular American retail stores. I think, there are other products on the market which can solve the problem of nausea and upset stomach much better.

Affordable Alternative

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