Herbal Clean Reviews - What Is It?

Susan Jackson

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Herbal Clean is a new and advanced super cleansing formula that is claimed to have been laboratory tested. This dietary supplement intends to detoxify the human body for better weight loss results. To lose weight successfully, it is important to detoxify the system, which means to remove harmful impurities from the body. The Herbal Clean line includes products of different character, from foot pads to liquid concoctions meant to remove various toxins from the human body. Before we dive deeper into the products, let us take a look at who the manufacturer of all of them is. The company carries the same name - Herbal Clean - that is in the USA. If you need to send anything in the mail, their postal address is: BNG Enterprises; PO Box 1450; Tempe, AZ 85280. The manufacturer of these products assures that users are able to detoxify their bodies and to make them clean faster. The official website of Herbal Clean is not very informative when it comes to the components used in their formulas, which is a bad sign. However, there are many promising claims. Thus the manufacturer claims that all of their products are user-friendly and can even be used to detoxify your body while you sleep. The company boasts to be the number one detox company on the market today.

Ingredients of Herbal Clean - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

Herbal Clean

The company behind Herbal Clean products does not provide any information about the ingredients used in their formulas. It is claimed on the official website that they are natural and safe to use. What about the effectiveness? Even though the company's name suggests that they products contain natural herbal ingredients, their website does not provide any evidence, so these claims cannot be trusted to the fullest. It is where the company falls short. There is no science behind Herbal Clean products which are claimed to work in different ways. For example, foot pads are designed to be applied at the foot bottom every night for up to three months. The company also offers liquid products such as teas. These are claimed to take only four days to start working. They need to be drunk every day, but it is unknown how exactly they work in detail. The company also offers weight-loss tablets that need to be taken on a daily basis. No ingredients are mentioned on the official website either.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Since the company offers different kinds of products, it is difficult to say whether any of them can potentially cause any side effects. Taking into account the fact that the official website does not contain ingredient information on each of the products, it can be supposed that the risk of side effects and allergic reactions still exists. To reduce the chance of adverse reactions you are recommended to follow dosage directions carefully. For instance, the foot pads need to be applied to the bottom of one foot per night and used until the pads look clean of toxins in about 30 to 90 days. It means that you are expected to see the desired results after three months already. Herbal Clean tablets may be taken differently depending on their type. For example, tablets used with tea, must be taken in dosage 8-8 ounce glasses per day for four days. These tablets are expected to show the results as soon as you drink them for four days. Herbal Clean tablets may interact with other medications and supplements, which is why you are recommended to consult a doctor before usage. The product can be used by men and women of all ages.

There are quite many customer reviews about the Herbal Clean tablets on third-party websites but not all users are pleased with their results. Thus, many of them say that the product tastes good but does not work as promised by the company. It is not clear whether it cleanses the body or not. One of the drawbacks of the product is that it does not come with the money back guarantee, so you won't be able to return it if you are not satisfied with it. Several users report that they experienced some side effects when using Herbal Clean tablets, including nausea and stomachache. One unpleased user reports that he followed the instructions and still failed his home easy drug test. Many people just ask potential users not to waste their time and money as it does not work. Let us take a look at the actual customer testimonials available online.

"I had 48 hours to prepare for a preemployment screening, so I had high hopes for Herbal Clean. I followed all the instructions, including tips from many reviews, but I still could not get proper results with home testing methods. It is better to join the sub club if you don't have time or money to detox naturally."

"I ordered HerbalClean for a pre-employment test, as I decided to test myself with at-home marijuana strips I bought on Amazon. I used my urine for the test and came back positive. I also tested my best friend who doesn't smoke and he came back negative. I was sure that the test strips worked. I drank the bottle of this cleanse, as well as plenty of water and waited for more than an hour. Then I tested myself again. I was shocked to come back positive. This does not work! If you need a drug exam cleanse you should look elsewhere."

"All Herbal clean did was upset my stomach. I spent a few hours in the toilet. I don't think this is the way of quick cleansing. Besides, the product tastes horrible! Besides, even though I followed all the instructions exactly I still had bad results. This cleanse did absolutely nothing. It did not remove toxins from my body. I would not recommend this product to anyone."

Where To Buy Herbal Clean?

Herbal clean products can be bought at Amazon and GNC among others. Premium Detox 7-day kit herbal clean detox can be purchased for $22.25, while BNG Herbal Clean qcarbo32 with Eliminex Plus tropical can be bought for $19.99. Herbal Clean Detox Q tabs cost $10.29. Some of these products can be bought from Amazon. For example, Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 (32 Fluid Ounce) can be bought at the price of $26.51 plus free shipping with Amazon Prime.

My Final Summary

Herbal Clean products have a lot of disadvantages. Some of the products are more expensive than the competition. Most of them should be used for an extended period to show at least some results. The inadequacy of ingredients and lack of information about them are really concerning. The company does not seem to offer any money back guarantee. The website of the manufacturer is low-informative. Since the ingredients of the products are a major concern, it means that there is high risk of side effects and allergic reactions. Herbal Clean is not the best choice for those who wish to detoxify their bodies and lose weight. Based on customer reputations, most users are not satisfied with their purchases. The manufacturer of the products is not popular or reputable, which does not provide any confidence in their products. The only advantage is that you can try out their products for free before buying them in full size. If you need any additional information, you are free to contact the manufacturer. However, taking into account all pros and cons of Herbal Clean I cannot recommend this company and their products to usage.

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