Entyvio Reviews - What Is It?

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Entyvio (vedolizumab) is a prescription drug used in people over 18 years old who suffer from moderate to severe ulcerative colitis (UC) in case if other UC drugs have not help them or cannot be tolerated well by these patients. Entyvio is claimed to be helpful in the reduction of some symptoms, decreasing the use of corticosteroids, inducing and maintaining the process of remission. The product also promises to improve the look of the lining of the user's large intestine.

Entyvio can be also taken by patients with moderate to severe Crohn's disease (CD). It claims to reduce some symptoms of this disease, reduce the use of corticosteroids, and achieve remission. The official website of the manufacturer does not offer any other products. The company behind Entyvio is not reputable and is badly known, thus it cannot be trusted completely. There is an official address of the manufacturer, though: One Takeda Parkway; Deerfield, IL 60015.

Ingredients of Entyvio - Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

The manufacturer of Entyvio does not care to inform its potential users of all the ingredients contained in the medicine. It means that there can be badly studied, harmful or toxic components. you are not protected from possible side effects and allergic reactions. There is lack of evidence to prove the effectiveness of this drug. According to the manufacturer's website, Entyvio was developed only for patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's.


The drug works in the GI tract by controlling the inflammation. It is expected to provide a normal immune response. It is unknown exactly how it regulates the functioning of white blood cells, however. The latter are naturally programmed to defend different tissues of the body from possible disease. A certain group of white blood cells are directed to the GI tract. A high number of these cells in patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn's disease (CD) causes inflammation. Entyvio promises to block the movement of these white blood cells. This helps to control the symptoms of inflammation, UC and CD. However, individual results may vary.

A patient is recommended to have 30 minutes of infusion every eight weeks. That is six doses per year. Entyvio is infused through a needle located in a vein in the patient's arm. Such an intravenous infusion is given every eight weeks to control the disease. You should strictly stick to the infusion schedule. After the starting regimen, the product is given with breaks of two months. The drug is administered by a doctor or a healthcare provider. You must be monitored by your doctor during and after the infusion, because there is a high risk of experiencing side effects to the treatment.

According to the Entyvio website, this infusion reduces the effects of a certain substance in the human body that leads to inflammation. The drug should be used in adults only and it can treat active disease by keeping UC or Crohn's symptoms under control for a long period of time. Its main ingredient is Vedolizumab. This compound may also reduce the need to take steroid medicines in order to control the symptoms of the disease. Entyvio should be given after other medicines. Avoid using the drug if you are allergic to its main component, vedolizumab.

Before taking Entyvio, make sure that this medicine is safe for you. Inform your doctor if you have suffered from an active infection recently; if you have tuberculosis (or if you were in close contact with a person who has this condition); if you have cough, fever, or flu; if your immune system is weakened; if you have open sores or skin wounds; or if you are going to receive any vaccines. Entyvio seems to be safe for an unborn baby, but you should talk to your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. The effects of Entyvio on the baby have not been evaluated completely. It's unknown whether the drug can pass into breast milk.

Customer Reviews - Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer of Entyvio does not speak much about possible adverse reactions of the medicine. The drug may contain some harmful or unnatural ingredients. The risk of experiencing side effects and allergic reactions is very high. The product is not recommended to people who have had an allergic reaction to any of Entyvio ingredients. The latter are not known completely, though.

Entyvio may cause a number of side effects, including a serious allergic reaction. Usually the issues occur within a few hours after the infusion. You may need medical help if you experience an allergic reaction. Inform your healthcare provider if you get any of the next symptoms: itching, rash, swelling of your face, tongue, lips, or throat; shortness of breath, wheezing, trouble breathing, dizziness, palpitations or feeling hot.

Entyvio may increase the chance of getting an infection. You should be monitored during the treatment with this drug by your doctor or healthcare provider. Sings of an infection include chills, fever, muscle aches, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose, red or painful skin. sore throat, sores on your body, pain during urination, unexplained tiredness. These symptoms may mean that a person has a progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML). It is a rare brain infection caused by a virus. People with a weakened immune system are prone to this condition. Let us have a look at the testimonials of real users of the product.

"I have only had one infusion of the product but after 12 hours I experienced a severe colic like pain, a lot of trembling and shaking. My legs and feet got so swollen that even diuretics didn't help. I felt unsteady when standing on my feet, I was afraid to lose balance. Do not believe that Entyvio has no side effects."

"After being allergic to many medications, I hoped to have a remission after my 4th treatment of ENTYVIO. I go into the doctor's office to have my 5th treatment. About 15 minutes after the infusion I started feeling very light headed. I also felt heaviness in my body and it seemed to me I had a tight chest."

"I started using Entyvio in the middle of a flare up. I suffered from numerous side effects that time. I often had severe sinus headaches hot feeling and flushing. It took nine months before I noticed improvement in my health. Unfortunately. This product is not worth the money it costs."

Where To Buy Entyvio?

Entyvio can be bought on which offers a discount card which can be accepted in many U.S. drugstores. The cost for the intravenous powder (300 mg) is around $5,544, however, the cost may vary depending on the drugstore you visit. Do not expect to pay a lower price. Any stock may have its shortages. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

My Final Summary

I don't think that Entyvio can really protect you from severe ulcerative colitis. It has a number of drawbacks. Many users complain of having different unpleasant side effects and allergic reactions. Some of them confess that the product is not as effective as claimed on its official website. You are probably going to be negatively impressed with the cost of the drug too. I cannot recommend Entyvio to usage because there are other drugs which can be more helpful for your condition.

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